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Many concretes these days are using a fibrous reinforcement that is actually mixed into the concrete. Fiber reinforcement offers many benefits.

Design Uses

  • Reduces plastic shrinkage cracking and micro cracking

  • Secondary reinforcement for all types of concrete work

  • Ideally suited for shotcrete and pump mixes

  • Compatible with all ready mix concrete and cement-based products

  • Suitable for all types and designs of precast concrete

  • Impressed/stamped concrete

Design Benefits

  • Applicator friendly - simply added to any concrete mix

  • Eliminates the need for welded wire mesh secondary reinforcement

  • Supplied in pre-measured ready to use e-z add degradable bags

  • 100% non-rusting and alkali resistant

  • Provides three-dimensional reinforcement

  • Safer to use than traditional wire mesh

  • Always placed in the proper location in the concrete

  • Less expensive than welded wire mesh

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