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Rock Hill Concrete offers many different types of admixtures to more specifically tailor the behavior of a concrete mix to fit job conditions and customer needs.

Air Entrainment – The use of this admixture is standard where the freeze-thaw cycle can work to decrease the durability of a concrete slab or wall. Air entrainment creates microscopic air bubbles in the matrix of the concrete, these voids allows the freezing moisture to expand and contract without cracking the slab.

Water Reducer – This type of admixture is used to increase the workability and plasticity while aiding finishing properties of a concrete mix without adding excessive amounts water, which reduces the overall strength and durability of the concrete. Water Reducers comes in three basic forms: low-range, mid-range, and high-range.

Retarder – Is used to slow the initial set time of fresh concrete. This is used to allow for more time to place and finish a slab. Retarder is often used on hot days to counteract the accelerating affects of high temperatures.

Accelerator – This type of admixture can be used to shorten the initial set time of fresh concrete. It is often used in the winter months to counteract the retarding effects of cold temperatures. Calcium Chloride is the most popular type of accelerator, it is available in liquid or bag. Rock Hill also offers a Non-Chloride accelerator for use in any concrete containing steel reinforcement and/or color.

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